Young me, post swim, with a dog

Last month I traveled to see family and it was the first time I’d done so since the pandemic began. It was a lovely weekend with my sister, brother-in-law, and my mom. As part of it my sister and I went through several boxes of old photos my mom had and I brought home a handful of them. It’s always funny to look through the snaps of your childhood, things my mom felt it important to document. There were a lot of photos from our favorite lake vacation spot that we went to every summer. A lot of older photos of my mom and her twin, and many sets of photos of birthdays, Christmases and the like. This is a snap my mom probably took without thinking much of it when I was five. I’m in my favorite swimsuit from childhood, you can’t see the Snoopy patch on my chest, after doing one of my favorite things, swimming, and with a dog, some of my best friends growing up were our dogs.

A young me, five years old, sitting on a lounge chair with towels strewn across the back of it, other lounge chairs are in the background, and a small, wet, dog sits in front of me, as I stare at the photographer with a hint of skepticism.