Jeans! Jeans! Jeans! Can you believe it? I have to say that at times I didn’t know if I would finish these, but I did and I’m so excited about it. When I learned how to sew two years ago I was most interested in making clothes that would fit me well and, on top of that, clothes I would be proud to wear. With these jeans I’ve accomplished both of those things. Are they perfect? Absolutely not, but they fit better than a ready to wear pair I would buy at a shop. Even better? I know what to tweak for the next pair to make them fit me even better. This has been a long process for me, I started the first muslin in January, then made a second muslin and then finally cut the denim and basted it together to double check fit one more time. I worked slowly, especially since I had to change thread so much in between the seams and top stitching, but I learned a lot and am excited to make another pair later this year.

Pattern: Morgan Jeans by Closet Core Patterns and I used the Sew Your Dream Jeans Course to help me along and that course is worth every single penny, such a confidence booster.
Fabric: 10oz Cotton Indigo Denim from Stonemountain & Daughters Fabrics along with copper top stitching thread. They are my favorite fabric shop to order from online, super helpful when I’ve emailed with questions.
Modifications: I cut a straight 10 and did a low seat adjustment along with letting out both the inseam and the side seams by 1/8”.

I’m wearing my Cande Pullover made out of Purl Soho Santolina yarn in coloway Green Valley with the jeans in this photo.

Me, in a green crochet sweater, my hands in the pockets of my jeans, standing in front of a large slider window with my left leg out and my head slightly tilted, wearing dark denim jeans.