Greer Overalls

First finished make of 2023! Truth is that I did everything but the buttons and button holes prior to the calendar year roll over, but I finished it just after the first. These are based on the Greer Jumpsuit, but in a first for me, I did heavy modifications on making this for the first time. I made the straps a fixed length and used buttons so they are more like overalls, rather than the ties in the pattern. I also sized down two sizes from what was recommended, I didn’t want them to be too big. I lengthened the legs to make them full length along with tapering them in quite a bit so they aren’t wide legs. They fit well and they’re really comfortable.

Now I’ll see if I’m an overall person or not. I haven’t had a pair in a very long time, it’s so much work to go to the bathroom, but the comfort of not having a waist band may win me over. I do think these will be great for traveling, super comfy either in long car trips or on a plane.

Me, standing in front of a corner of a room with doors on either side, wearing brown overalls with two patch pockets and buttons for the straps, a blue t-shirt underneath, and gray tennis shoes on my feet, my head is tilted to one side.