A white Christmas

Every morning between December 25 and December 29 I woke to fresh snow. By far the day with the most snowfall was December 26, it snowed all day, and on December 27 I shoveled sidewalks for those out walking and enjoying it. This isn’t usual for where I live. We can see snow on the foothills and the mountains, but we don’t have it at our house very often. It was gorgeous. The sun came out on the 27th and I went walking in the old Sorel boots I’ve had since I lived in Minnesota.

A few snaps from my walk, first the creek near my house and then the hills to the north.

A view of a creek with snow clinging to branches around it and a pasture in the background.

Clouds over the tops of foothills covered in snow, with trees with snow clinging to them on the foreground.