Yesterday we bought a DVD player. It felt a bit odd, to buy a piece of tech we’d eschewed years ago, but it’s in line with some of the other choices in life I’ve been making lately. You can stream so many things; it’s too many things and it’s overwhelming. When I would bring up older movies to G that I wanted to watch for one reason or another, we’d look to see where we could watch them. Some times we couldn’t find a way to stream them, other times we could if we rented them or paid for a service we weren’t currently using. Invariably though the library would have a copy of the DVD.

Given that, we decided to buy a player so we didn’t have to use our dilapidated old Mac Mini with the portable DVD player and could more easily play movies. The library provides the added bonus of allowing the old feeling of the video store, we walk the aisles of DVDs and find things we want to watch and it may be nostalgia, but looking for things in that way can turn up surprisingly good films about which you’ve forgotten.

As I age I find myself going back to the things that worked well and that I miss. More paper and pens, more physical media like DVDs from the library, reading more paper books. I’m finding it slows me down and it helps me be present in the moment. Evaluating tech and using only that which is helpful is becoming a larger and larger part of life these days and some times going backwards feels like the right move.