Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6

“It’s hard to imagine this Chrome-only situation getting any better, though. Google moved away from WebKit and towards its Blink rendering engine years ago, and there have been lots of optimizations to open source libraries, frameworks, and other parts of the engine that cause bugs in other browsers. You’ll notice this if you try and use Safari, Firefox, or Edge in certain sites where developers have initially targeted Chrome, and its easier for website support staff to simply recommend downloading Chrome than rewrite parts of their code. Developers have also spent years optimizing for Chrome, and working around some of its quirks with Chrome-only fixes or changes.”

I've seen this article linked in quite a few places and it's well written, going over the history of the dominance of Internet Explorer 6 and how Chrome is now mimicking that. I use three browsers throughout the day and deliberately don't use Chrome as my main development browser to get a different perspective, but I think I'm in the minority of web developers.