Is it too late? Too late to be talking about plans for the year? I’ve had a slow start to 2024 and I didn’t do a 2023 wrap up because, frankly, it was a good year but I couldn’t think of a clever way to talk about it compared to all the wrap ups I read.

I watched a video about goals for 2024 yesterday that resonated with me. Last year I did a More/Less list and was all set to do another one for 2024 but realized, quite frankly, that it would be quite similar. Maybe it’s because there haven’t been any dramatic shifts in my life, but I basically want to do more of the same things in 2024 as 2023 and less of the same things as well.

Along with that, I decided I didn’t really want to make concrete goals. I did pick out a theme for the year: let go and be present. That’s it. Be in the moment and don’t try to get ahead of myself. It isn’t that there aren’t plans, there are. Trips are on the horizon with more travel this year than last and I have making plans as well, but if things change, that’s OK.

I buy both yarn and fabric as I need them and don’t keep a large stash and one reason for that is I try very hard to use up what I buy. This year, much like last year, I’m scheming ways to use up the partial skeins of yarn I have left and some of the scraps of fabric as well and I’m excited about that, but I have no idea when I’ll make those things. I do intend to slow down this year in my knitting and sewing because the truth is, I have a lot of clothes. I’m being more thoughtful about what I want to wear and what will complement what I’ve already made. I’m starting the year off with some basics and then I’ll go from there.

My only concrete plan for 2024 is to read The Power Broker. 99 Percent Invisible is doing a bit of a book club around it this year, reading roughly 100 pages per month and they’ll be releasing monthly podcasts to talk about each section. I’m a reader and love to read, but this is an intimidating book, the soft cover copy I bought is 1161 pages (that’s just the book, not the notes, index, etc). That’s…. a lot. But I’m 90 pages in and by breaking it into 100 pages a month, it feels manageable and still leaves time to read other things. Yes, Caro adds a lot of detail, but I’m treating this book as I did books in graduate school; I don’t need to read every word.

My hope for 2024 is a year of good things but also, more importantly, finding my way through the difficult times with a bit more ease. And, to be honest, even with the world the way it is, I’m excited for several things coming up this year.