Bedrock Tee

Last year I made two different t-shirt patterns several times each and I liked both of the patterns, but there were things I wanted to change about the finished garments. I fully realize that pattern hacking is a thing and I could’ve done that and just as I was about to do that, the Bedrock Tee was released. As soon as I saw this pattern I knew it could be the one for me.

Finally, at the end of the summer, I got around to trying out this pattern and since mid August I’ve sewn it seven times, different variations and different sizes. One thing I’ve found with knit tees is that making them in different sizes for different looks is a good idea, giving more or less ease depending on the fabric and the cut of the pattern. For the Bedrock, I started out too large, which is when I remeasured myself (I know, I know sewists, I should do this every time) and I figured out a better size for me.

Me, in front of a while stone wall and a door, a slight tilt to the head and smile, and an peach colored tee with darker peach dots on it and with a bit of blue pants showing.
The Bedrock Tee, view B, sleeveless in size 8

What I absolutely love about this pattern is how many variations you get with the pattern, it’s a great value. There is a more fitted cut, view A, and you can do a tank, short sleeves, or long sleeves. View B is a more boxy drop shoulder tee with sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves. I’ve made the view A tank and short sleeves and the view B sleeveless. I love both cuts. The only thing I’m still trying to figure out with this pattern is the arm band length for the view A tank, I need to shorten them up a bit, but that shouldn’t be a problem when I make more in the future.

Me, in front of a while stone wall and a door with brown framed glasses, a slight tilt to the head, and an army green tee on with a bit of blue pants showing.
The Bedrock Tee, view A, short sleeves in size 8

Sew Liberated writes fantastic patterns with great directions and lots of tips included. I also love how you don’t need a serger for this one at all, all the directions include how to do this on your regular sewing machine, so if you want to try sewing knits, this is a great place to start. I’ll definitely be sewing more Bedrocks this spring—I’ve already mashed up the neckline of this with a Rio Ringer Dress to improve it and hopefully wear it more.