Let’s work together!

I’m a front end developer with over 10 years of experience working on the web. I focus on process and approach so that team communication around design implementation improves as sites or products evolve. I love big ideas and can help your team learn how to approach issues like performance, design implementation, and accessibility in ways that make the web better for everyone. I’ve worked on all kinds of teams, both in-house, at an agency, and as an independent developer. I'm available for your next project!

Design implementation

I've helped dozens of teams implement new designs over the last decade. I love working with design teams and developers to build and iterate on new sites and applications. I love working on projects with lots of CSS, no matter the flavor—I've worked with straight CSS, Sass, and Stylus. If you prefer a templating language for your HTML, I can help with that, too. In other words: I'm adaptable.


Accessibility ensures that everyone can access, use, and read the sites you build. I can help your team think through their approach to accessibility so that they develop a sustainable way to continue integrating it into their work as they iterate over your site.

Style guides

I’ve worked with teams across industries to create style guides that suit their workflow and I’d love to do the same for your team. Creating shared resources that entire teams use, from product owners to designers to developers, greatly enhances communication, enabling them to get from ideas to proofs of concepts to production ready releases faster and easier. Since each team is unique, the process for doing this should be as well, and I’m able to help you find what best suits your team.

Beyond development

In recent years I’ve become keenly interested in the work around product management and have been increasingly involved in parts of what that usually entails. I’ve focused on process and communication, getting the many moving parts of a team or product group to work together to define and complete useful tools like style guides. At Bocoup, I worked closely with the website product owner to refine goals for the site and created a plan for delivery. In addition, I helped shape a new consulting offering to sell project management for technical organizations. I’ve drawn heavily upon my technical background to understand the work that needs to be done in a project and help convey clearly to stakeholders how the process will work.

Email me and let's talk about how I can help with your project, from leading a workshop for your team, doing a talk on a particular subject your team is thinking about, or getting down and dirty in the code working alongside your developers.