Odd person out

Lately, whenever I am in a conversation with a team regarding mobile, namely native app or responsive web, I usually end up feeling like the odd person out. Yes, I have a device, but the most used “app” on my device is actually a good old browser.

I don’t really use native apps all that much. I find the hassle of downloading one annoying, especially if I will only be using it very occasionally. Also, I want the space on my device reserved for music and photos, something I use a lot more offline since I am stingy with my data plan.

But whenever I am in these conversations, I usually feel like I am the only person like this. That I am strange because I don’t use apps more.

In addition, if you use your browser a lot you get to see things like this:

Zappos pushing their app

Which is, frankly, just silly to me. Why if I am choosing to shop at your website, are you pushing an app on me? Is the money I spend any different be it through an app rather than on your site?

Plus, I have to admit it, I like URLs. I just like them. I like sharing them, bookmarking them (wow, maybe I am old fashioned), and sometimes they are funny, which is just plain cool. And we are already losing too much of the URL for my liking, I don’t want to lose it all.

So, I guess I’ll continue to be the odd person out, while also continuing to fight for the web.