A Blog

Yes, I’ve started a blog. The reasons are many and varied, but it mainly boiled down to two. The first is that I wanted to have a place to put links, quotes, images, and other stuff that I find on the web - somewhere it would be stored and I could have a record of it. I did think about doing a Tumblr blog, but I wanted more of a challenge coding wise, so here it is on WordPress. Yup. My second foray into the WordPress world, this time I am doing a completely custom theme for the first time. The second reason for doing the blog was to try this out, this theming thing. It’s been a challenge in all the best ways.

In the coming weeks I’ll be tweaking lots of little things here and there until I get things finished up. It continues to amaze me how many different things there are to remember about getting a theme done. I’ve also made a few decisions to make life easier for myself. There aren’t any comments as I just didn’t want the headache of dealing with them.

So here it is, feel free to use Twitter to get in touch and let me know what you think.