Thank you community

So I recently purchased some more books on JavaScript, specifically things that Rebecca Murphey recommended to me via Twitter and on her site. (As a complete aside, she’s become a coding hero of mine.) I’ve been making my way through Eloquent JavaScript and it is the one book that is starting to make sense to me. I have two different projects that I want to make happen, using JavaScript first and then probably translating that into Python, since I’ve started to dabble in that as well.

Recently I feel like things are starting to sink in. This is taking me much longer than most of the other parts of working on the web has taken me, but I’m getting it and I can’t wait to actually have a project at the end that I can say I built myself. But the reason for this post is to say thank you. So many different people have encouraged me and offered tidbits of their knowledge over the last year and finally I feel like all those bits and pieces are coming together. In between paying projects I am trying to make my own stuff and getting really excited about it all.

Lately so many in the community have been so helpful in so many different ways and my quest to become a better developer in the area of JavaScript is just one of the places. Thank you community, you are the best.