For the past several months I have been thinking a lot about balance. I am sure that the fact that I started practicing yoga last November is part of the reason, so much of it is about balance, and not just in keeping your balance as you hold poses, but also in being balanced in mind and body.

The idea of balance has then taken over in my mind, I’ve been thinking about work/life balance, and about computer and non computer time balance, and about eating balanced. It seems to be something that at this time of life I desperately want to get right. I want to be balanced. I want to feel good and healthy. I want to be able to let go of the crap and enjoy the good things.

So, how have I done that? What changes have I made? They have been slow but sure lately, but I no longer look at any type of computing device after work. I am present with G during dinner and we are together either watching a show or reading in the evenings. I have also become more dependent on meal planning, I want to know what I will be eating so that I know it will be good for me and easy to prepare on days when I am busy. The final thing is yoga, I am digging in more and more to what it truly means to practice and I refuse to miss the two classes I go to weekly.

Do I feel balanced? I feel better, but sometimes the balance can tip too much to one side. I find this happens during the work day way too often. I lose sight of what I am trying to do as I am pulled left and right by others. I forget to slow down, breathe, and then move on to the next task. It is hard to get others to help out in this area and be respectful. I find that it is hardest at lunch time and I need to find a way to block people out even if I am at my desk. I can’t wait for nice weather, being able to eat outside, away from the din will be wonderful.

I continue my quest for balance and I am hopeful that as I do, I will get stronger and able to say no more often and have people respect that more often.