Lately I’ve been thinking about the word enough quite a bit. Mostly because I look around at a culture of excess and many aren’t satisfied that they have enough, so I’ve been thinking about what that means. What is enough?

One of the largest reasons this has come up is that I think there is a dichotomy between having enough money and enough time, usually to get one, you sacrifice the other and I’m starting to wonder if that is necessary or if, maybe, what is enough money is actually less than what you initially think it is?

The reason I ask is that G and I are thinking a lot about time lately. You can’t get more time in life and it is the one thing that I think if you use it unwisely, it could lead to regrets. As is said so often, not many people on their death bed wish they had been at work more. But many wish they had spent time differently.

All of this is to say, when it comes to having enough, I’ve been slowly changing my attitude towards what is enough money so that I can have enough time. Doing this has been hard in some respects, but it means that G and I can spend more time doing what we want. Time is irreplaceable, so trying to live more simply, to have more time; I’m thinking it’s worth it.