Case study: New product team


A new product team needed to have designs implemented in time for user testing in modular reusable way so that it could be reused as they moved towards their beta launch.

Length of Engagement

1 month


Flat HTML and CSS for each “page” of the designs as well as a system page that contained all the various modules and any explanations about how they were built for reference and reuse.


The designs were completed in HTML and CSS (Sass) on time with several rounds of visual QA with the design team. Also the system page and one of the other pages were passed off to a consultancy for implementation in Next JS.

I spent time during this engagement ensuring that the design team understood the nature of implementing design in a modular and reusable way, which included education on design systems as the flat files were being created. There was discussion about palettes, type systems, how to scope modules, and ensure that both for designers and the engineers implementing the product, it would work and allow for iteration, exploration, and easy implementation.