Daily Drawing 2017: Third Quarter

The third quarter of my daily drawing was a lot more difficult for me, either because I didn’t love the themes for the prompts or the subject matter or medium. But I made it, I did it, and I’m proud for trying everything and working with things that I didn’t love. I’ve also recently started a course online on urban sketching techniques and I think that I’m more energized by that then this drawing book, but I’m keeping going, hopefully the final quarter will be interesting and fun again.

July was by far the hardest month for me this year. The theme was characters and the medium was red, blue, and black pens. I’m not great at drawing people and characters, so my confidence level was very low with the prompts. I did my best and I kept going, but I ended up doing some pencil set up towards the end of the month to boost my confidence, even though it felt like cheating, but I realized it’s my experience and it’s supposed to be fun.

July's example, doing my best to put an expression on a person.

August was much more fun, it was clothing, which I ended up enjoying more than I thought, and it brought in collage, which I don’t do very often. Plus the addition of markers and black pen meant there was a lot of room to use the different mediums depending on what I felt that on the given day. I’m not a huge collage person, I’m not a saver and collage feels like you need to save a lot of scraps to have on hand, but it was fun to make do with what I had. I also started using G’s old astronomy magazines, which have interesting patterns and images when they’re cut up.

August, collage, markers, and black pen, my idea for what Frida Kahlo should wear.

September was patterns. I LOVE making up patterns, so this was one of my favorite months of the year. The medium was markers and stamps, but I don’t have stamps and didn’t feel like buying ink for stamping and making them, so I just went with markers. Feeling free to modify the months a bit to suit my situation has been freeing. But making chevrons, stripes, animal patterns, etc is right up my alley and I had fun with it.

September was patterns and I just used the markers since I don't have stamps and didn't want to buy them. But I loved making various patterns.

These photos aren't the best because I'm not a great photographer, but I do like to have some images with these posts, to remind me of what the month's drawing was like.