Daily Drawing 2017: Halfway!

I’m a bit late on this post, but it’s summer, it’s warm, it was a holiday this week, and well, I’m a bit lazy right now (because I can be :) ). But I passed the halfway mark of my daily drawing and wanted to do a bit of a look back at the second quarter. I talked about the first quarter in a post in April (if you missed it).

April’s theme for the prompts was “Around Town” and the materials were a #2 pencil and a black pen, basic and simple. I LOVE these materials. I love doing a sketchy layer first and then going back in with a pen to define, sharpen, and make it more bold. I also enjoyed these prompts, which weren’t always things I see around my town, but were things I could easily conjure images of in my head to draw. Plus, if I’m ever gonna bring a bare bones sketching kit with me, it will definitely be these two things and a small Scout Book.

A page from April, showing bird houses, a row of mailboxes, gumball machines, and drinking fountains.

May brought the theme of “Around the House” and it was a gold gel pen and a black pen for materials. The theme itself was fine, easy enough for me to find things that the prompts referred to around my house. But I’m not a huge fan of gold, I don’t hate it, but I definitely tired of it by the end of the month. I made it through and I do admit, having a contrast with the black pen was nice, I just wanted it to be something other than gold by the end of the month.

A page from May, showing washing drying on the line and jars and vases in a row.

June mixed it up a lot more, the paper was a brown craft paper and the materials were black and white pencil with black pen. The theme was also a lot more difficult for me, “World Travel”, and I ended up googling for images of things to draw quite a bit. BUT even with that being the case, I really enjoyed getting away from white paper (which based on the rest of the book, this will be the last month of using something other than white) and I loved the black and white pencils, many days I didn’t even add in black pen at all. The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself in this first half of drawing in 2017 is that I love colored pencils and I’ll be adding them into my drawing practice more.

A page from June showing houses along a canal.

These photos aren't the best because I'm not a great photographer, but I do like to have some images with these posts, to remind me of what the month's drawing was like.