My friend Kitt kicked off the new year of Pastry Box bakers with a great piece on consistency. I like the idea of consistency, it goes along with the idea of routine that I’ve written about before.

Kitt says:

Consistency is the small effort that happens every day, that only in looking back do we see the effort that created something big, something great, something meaningful.

Having a routine to my day, it helps me be consistent with the intentions I’ve made for things I want to get done. I love the way Kitt illustrates this:

Consistency is putting on your running shoes and walking outside. And, really, once you’re out there, might as well go for a run, too.

That is exactly how I became a runner in 2014. It’s also how I became a cook, making most of our meals from scratch, most nights of the week. I showed up to the kitchen consistently.

So I’ve been thinking, on this New Year’s day, about the things I want to do to be consistent for 2015 to create new habits, learn new things, and generally make the small changes in my life that will continue to move me towards how I want to live.

As I think about this, I’ve pondered a lot of the various things I’ve seen about what people accomplished in 2014. I’ve also thought about the way I spend my time currently. I’m coming off of being off Twitter, mostly, for the past two plus weeks. How did I use the “extra” time? I read more, I drew more, I watched more shows, and I generally stopped obsessing over things I can’t change.

So I’m making some new intentions for 2015, not resolutions, but the intention to try and do some new small things consistently in my routine. The main intention is more time for reading, but a few others may sneak in too. Hopefully by the end of 2015 I’ll be able to say that I’m better at a few things because I was consistent throughout the year.