James Bond: VARGR

I’m a massive James Bond fan. Some of this is due to the person I married, he’s a massive fan and has won me over to the classic Sean Connery Bonds. But we still watch all the movies, we own the original novels, and now I’ve read a comic based on the character. When I saw that one of my favorite comic book writers had done a series on James Bond, I was there. VARGR, volume one of a James Bond 007 series by Warren Ellis, did not disappoint.

I raced through the volume over the past two nights and was somewhat surprised how much I liked it. I wasn’t sure how the classic Bond would translate to comic form, but with Ellis at the helm it did just that. The tone, the lines, the writing, it all was perfectly Bond and it was fantastic brain candy. Exactly what I needed right now.

I’m not gonna lie, the news, the election, the world right now is a hard place to be. I’ve been escaping it all by not being around on social media as much (sorry Twitter friends) and by reading voraciously and drawing up a storm in my various sketchbooks. Thank you Warren Ellis and Jason Masters for helping me get away, laugh, and feel like I wasn’t in this place for a while. This is why I read as much as I do, more so than even watching a movie, reading transports my mind wholesale away from where I am and in many cases helps me see the world differently when I’m done.