The Stone Sky

I finally finished NK Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy, which wraps up with The Stone Sky. I got a bit way laid by several library books becoming available, so this took me longer than I expected, but it’s so good, particularly the ending of the series.

We see Essun and her daughter attempt to right things in the world. And I’ll admit that I liked how the ending wasn’t completely definitive. There is so much in this series that helped me think about our current times; how we treat the other, how we treat the Earth, and how we think about solving hard problems.

And yet Jemisin doesn’t give definitive answers in the end, she hints at cooperation and hard times pushing people to find new solutions, but I’m not sure that the people left in this book will do that. She also recognizes the need to grieve, to collect yourself and care for yourself, before you move forward.

I never want to say too much in these reviews because I don’t want to give anything away, but this series is worth your time. Jemisin builds a fascinating world, one which I’m so glad I got to look into for a while.