The Crimson Skew

I finished the final book in The Mapmakers Trilogy yesterday. It was with the typical sadness when you finish something you truly enjoyed and you just want to be able to dive back into the world of the characters you’ve come to love. The Crimson Skew by SE Grove is a fantastic ending to this series.

We’re continuing on with Sophia as she searches for her parents and of course, her friend Theo and her Uncle Shadrack are back as well. The story brings back characters we’ve loved, but we’re also introduced to the very heart of the worlds that Sophia has traveled through, The Old Ones, along with learning more about why and how the disruption is occurring.

I can’t say much for this book is really about the final big reveals of the trilogy, but you should read them all. I’ve written about the others as well, The Glass Sentence and The Golden Specific and if you know young people who love good adventures, give them the first one!

…in every Age, storytelling is vital to comprehending, interpreting, and appreciating the world around us. (loc 4653)