I read Ann Leckie’s trilogy and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to find she had a new book out. Provenance takes place in the same world as the Radchaai trilogy but we have a new main character and a whole new set of planets and species to get to know.

Ingray is a young woman trying to find her way in the world and make her mother take notice of her and she goes on a daring and costly adventure to try and make it happen. When things start to go wrong, almost from the beginning, Ingray keeps moving forward. What I came to love about Ingray was that no matter what, she did what she felt was right and stuck to it, even when it meant danger for herself.

Provenance is all about family relationships and how we deal with the expectations our family puts on us. Somehow, reading this book right before the holidays was perfect timing for me. Leckie creates worlds that are different than our own, but also so similar, and through the difference I’m always able to think more deeply about what’s going on in this world.