Just recently Simon recommended a whole slew of comic books and I added a bunch of them onto my list and just this past week got started reading them. First up was Local and it is absolutely brilliant. It’s about a girl who travels all over North America, so you see glimpses of her life in a variety of different cities.

And that’s the beauty of this comic. In 12 issues that are now in one large volume, you only learn about Megan bit by bit. And to be quite honest, much of it doesn’t make complete sense until the final issue. But that’s why I loved it. I could relate to many of the various experiences that Megan goes through. But in addition, I like the mystery of trying to figure out who exactly she is. And, to be honest, by the final issue I still wasn’t completely sure who she is or what would happen next in her life, but it was super fun to go along with her as she traveled across the continent.

Local made for a really lovely rainy Sunday afternoon read and I’m so glad I found it.