Little Dorrit

Recently I heard an interview that talked about reading classics and I realized that I haven’t read many of them. So I went on Amazon and found a bunch of free kindle versions of them and started reading Little Dorrit. I’ve read one other book by Dickens, and enjoyed it, but also learned that he likes to describe things in detail and that many of the lose threads won’t come together until you are about two thirds of the way into the book.

Little Dorrit was much the same as A Tale of Two Cities where characters were talked about and I had no idea why until I was towards the end and it all came together. But I enjoyed this story and the character of Amy Dorrit and the world that Dickens creates with his descriptions. The class situations that are such a large part of the Dickens world are also interesting, especially since I think we do much the same thing in the US right now, just in much more subtle ways.

All in all, Little Dorrit was a good pre sleep novel for me, especially since it was originally written as a serial, the chapter lengths are all so similar—perfect to read one or two before drifting off.