I finally picked up the first volume of Injection by Warren Ellis. I am a huge Ellis fan, as I’ve been working my way through all the comics he’s written and I’d heard good things on the Twitters about this latest series so I was excited to read it.

A friend of mine asked me what I thought after I’d read the first three issues and I said, “It’s OK, not great, but I don’t dislike it.” Not a very resounding review. Then a few hours later I sat down and read the final two issues in the volume and OH MY GOD! They changed everything for me. The backstory came together, things started to sort out and yeah, I’m hooked.

Injection is set in a futuristic time period and something has been created and the team who created it are all handling their guilt over that in different ways. I don’t want to say too much more, but I do recommend checking it out. I also really enjoyed the art work and style of this book, I lingered over many of the full page panels, they are amazing.