I read the first volume of Hawkeye last night. I’d been on the hold list for quite some time at the library trying to get it. And now, I’m in love. I have that feeling I had when I read the first volume of Planetary, the “this is really good and I want to read it all right now” feeling.

I’ve read very little of Marvel, other than Ms. Marvel, but this ranks right up there and it also got me interested in trying out some Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. even though I have no idea where to start with either of those (suggestions welcome!). In addition I’ll be reading more by this author, because his writing style is right up my alley.

But in Hawkeye I found a main character that made me laugh out loud throughout. I found the small details in the panels that I adore (seriously, the newspaper headline in issue 2?). And I found a female character that I loved just as much, with wit, snark, and smarts.

I will be reading the next volume as soon as I can. And I’m contemplating purchasing this as it is that good, it’ll be a rereader for sure.