Flexible Typesetting

The other day I finished reading Tim Brown’s Flexible Typesetting and I’m so glad I took the time to read through it. Even better, I’m really excited to find some time to take a look at this site and think about how I can improve the type.

Tim’s writing style is so great and, much like the other books A Book Apart publishes, this small volume is jam packed with a lot of information. Things I want to learn more about (and have wanted to do for some time, but this book reminded me of): open type features and variable fonts. Right now my site it doing OK with the performance side of loading fonts (thanks to Bram Stein’s book), but I want to learn more about the design of type and the other features available to me.

If I could geek out and not have to worry about making money, I think learning about type would be the thing I’d do. I find it fascinating and the process to create a type face is so crazy. I’ve read other books about type but maybe one day I’ll have time to really think about it and figure out how it all works. It feels like an endless topic, one that I want to spend more time reading about and thinking about.

I’m so grateful to Tim and the team at ABA for making these books. This is a book I know I’ll be returning to as I try and learn more about type and I’ll also be looking into books he recommends for further reading.