Ex Machina

I made another foray into the comics of writer Brian K. Vaughan last week, reading the first volume of Ex Machina. It took me a few issues to really get into it, since there is so much going back and forth in time to explain the story, but overall I really enjoyed it. It’s nice to see a story about a person who gets super powers but still insists on trying to go a different route to make a difference.

I also found the powers of the main character intriguing in this comic. Power over machines feels very much like a necessary power in the future, as we mechanize more and more of our lives, it’s interesting to think about how that could affect life now and into the future. As I read, I thought about all the machines I interact with daily and don’t really think about at all, so it got me thinking, which is one thing I always like about a comic.

I enjoyed the drawing in this one, the green hue of most of the book is an interesting choice, but it went well with the vibe of the writing, I was skeptical of it before starting. I also found it interesting the tie in with real life history, changing historical events always interests me because the what ifs are endless. So, overall, it’s a recommend for this one. I find I’m liking Vaughan’s writing quite a bit, volume two is on the coffee table right now, waiting to be read.