I read the first volume of Chew last night. It’s another Colly recommendation. It is wacky, strange, weird, and any other synonym for those words you can think of. And I loved it.

Tony Chu is a police officer who when he eats things he gets a sense of where they’ve been, what they’ve done, or felt. He is recruited to work for the FDA to help track down illegal chicken distributors. Yup, chicken is banned due to bird flu, but that’s also suspect, with many people not believing there was any bird flu.

Tony gets sucked into strange and weird mysteries where he ends up eating parts of people and animals to see where they’ve been and what they’ve done. I know, the premise sounds strange, but I really enjoyed it and already have the next volume from my library via a digital loan.

(Do you know about Hoopla? I do a ton of library loans via Overdrive, but Hoopla is great for comics, movies, TV shows, and audible books. And the comics are basically the same as what Comixology sells, so great.)