Castle Waiting

Yet another book from the NPR top 100 graphic novels list, and this one was not anything I was expecting. I’ve been somewhat blindly getting books that intrigue me from the list, so I’m going in without knowing much of anything about them. Castle Waiting Volume 1 by Linda Medley is a crazy children’s fairy tale, about a safe place people can go to get away from the world.

The craziness, the strange characters, and the fairy tale like quality is exactly what I liked about this book. I honestly had no idea where it was going or what was going to happen from chapter to chapter. But as Jain makes her way to the castle and we meet the other people living there, you know they all have a story to tell. And since there’s another volume of this book, I’m assuming more of their stories are waiting for me there.

But I will be honest and say that this book didn’t grab me. I set it aside and came back to it several times, reading it in bits and pieces. The final chapters are a rather involved story that I found way more interesting than the first part of the book. And there are a few characters that I’m wondering about still, which is what will lead me to get volume 2, to find out if I can learn more about them.