Back to the Cave

“Many people presume that employment is the opposite of independence, and that endlessly irritates me. It’s so short-sighted. History shows a long record of artists who did “normal” work to support their creative practice. If you work as a barista, graphic designer, or accountant to fund your writing or music: great! (You can swap out any of those job titles or passions with your own.) By keeping your day job, you’re in the fine company of T.S. Eliot, Herman Melville, Toni Morrison, and more.”

I had a hard time picking a quote because this is such a great piece. But I chose the one above because I've been thinking a lot about independence versus being employed full time. Over the past two years I've held full time jobs and in many ways, especially in the past year, I've felt more free than ever before. I leave work behind at the end of my day and I pursue the things that matter to me with no worries. That's become the ultimate freedom.