SMACSS Workshop

Just one week ago I rose a bit earlier than is normal for me, made my way across the river to the NW section of Portland in order to attend the SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS) workshop that Jonathan Snook put on. In a one word summary of the day: fantastic. I have been using OOCSS on several projects for layout and when Jonathan put out his ebook on his way of doing some of the same things, I purchased immediately. I read the book, highlighting as I went and really like the way he breaks down the set up of CSS and making sure it is truly scalable for large projects. And Jonathan knows a thing or two about large projects as this system was born while he was working at Yahoo on all their many applications.

I think my favorite part of the day was the times we worked on some small exercises and Jonathan walked around the room making sure to talk with as many people as possible about their solutions. He also then used what people were doing to explain how SMACSS would work in the same situation. It was a really well run day and if you are in England or Germany this fall, you should try and get to the workshop this fall.

I’m excited to start a new project in the next week where SMACSS with some OOCSS will be the way I set up the application front end so that as it grows the CSS can easily scale. Thanks so much Jonathan for such a great day!