Responsive is hard

I’m working on a new project that is all responsive. It’s the first time I’ve worked on a responsive site with a designer as my experience has been limited to my own site. A week and a half into coding this site my conclusion is that this stuff is hard. I know there are many who are probably thinking, umm, yeah, we already knew that. But what I’m finding is that the back and forth between the designer and myself is almost continual. As I develop and run into issues, we go back to the design, look at what can change and how it can be better.

I’m excited about the project, but dang, the small details are never-ending and they just keep cropping up. As of now we are about two thirds of the way through and we are still finding all the little things we need to think about. I am thankful for good communication with the designer and also for just the cool things I’m learning. This is definitely challenging, but so worth it. I believe strongly that no matter what device you use to access a site, you should be able to get all the content and have a great experience. We are trying our hardest to make that happen for this new site and it’s exciting. Can’t wait for this project to go live, it’s been such a great, challenging experience.