Hey, I'm learning

Many months ago I wrote about my frustration in trying to learn JavaScript. It has been my difficulty and my secret for far too long. So for the holidays I took vacation time and the week between Christmas and New Years I studied JavaScript. I am loaded up with books and I am also using a few online resources. I have an idea for a project where I’m going to code a gauge that will pull information from a data warehouse that my husband built that to learn how to do that sort of thing (yes we are a geeky household). So with all that, I dug in to start learning. It is going very slowly, I mean really slowly. My poor mind just doesn’t work great with this stuff, but I am persevering and I have to say that I am learning. By the end of the week I was getting the problems and I was understanding what I was doing.

So in the next couple weeks I will be soldiering on and trying to get my project built out over the weekends. But I have to say, this is the farthest I’ve come and I have also figured out how I learn this stuff well, I need problems to solve and exercises to do and I’ve found tons. Thank you internets, you are the best for all you offer for free!

In case anyone is wondering, here’s my list of resources that I’m using:

The other thing I ran across today was this from Jeremy Keith and it just reinforced my decision to learn Vanilla JavaScript rather than jQuery - there may be many times where that is much more appropriate or easier.

I also want to thank the folks who have encouraged me, you know who you are, and it has kept me going. (Especially some help from down under!)