CSS Conf

Just over a week ago G and I made the trek from Portland down to Amelia Island, FL. We went for a few days of sun on the beach, but also because I attended the inaugural CSS Conf. The beach and sun were amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the resort as well. But the conference was just as amazing. It was so great to finally have CSS be front and center for a day and to hear such a wide variety of talks that all revolved around what I think is a fun and amazing thing, CSS.

I won’t go into the details of all the talks because they recorded them and videos should be coming out in due time, but I will say that what I enjoyed the most was the fact that it was a day devoted to CSS. I saw amazing code, was pushed to think differently about my own work flow and the work flow of where I currently work, and I got to hang out with friends and make new friends - all of us CSS nerds. Lately I’ve been having a hard time with feeling that CSS isn’t valued enough in the world of Front End Development. I am constantly reading about JavaScript and seeing job postings that, to my point of view, are actually looking for JavaScript people who happen to be able to do markup and CSS as well. It pains me because if CSS is done wrong, the implications can be fairly huge for a site; making performance suffer and also making the CSS bloat to unimaginable size.

That’s why when the CSS Conf was announced I knew I had to be there and I snagged an early bird ticket. It was great to have a day dedicated to the part of Front End Development that I truly love and value. My mind was filled up with wonderful ideas and I am so thankful to the organizers. Also, what’s even more exciting, they decided to add a CSS Conf on to JS Conf EU. I recommend trying to get to the one in Berlin this fall, and hopefully, the organizers of the one last week will continue to make it a part of JS Conf here in the States as well.

Thank you organizers and speakers, I am excited about work again and it is in large part to thinking about all the things I heard last week.