My last post was on the culture of busy that I think is ingrained in most of our lives, but I looked at it from the perspective of the web world and how it is affecting me when I go out and talk with potential clients about work.

Over the weekend I finished reading Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro (click through to Mike’s twitter at your own risk, his twitter background is NSFW). Mike’s thoughts actually resonated a lot with me and the busyness I have been thinking about. Like the other books in the A Book Apart series, it was a quick, easy read and I enjoyed it for the most part. I don’t always like Mike’s writing style, but the heart of his message is a really important one and I believe it comes down to demanding respect. Through talking about money, dealing with clients who try to design the site themselves, dealing with the problems of working with others; it all boils down to demanding that clients respect you, and your abilities, and also that you respect those around you on the team, be they in your company or the client’s.

This means that you stand up for yourself, you are not working horrid hours because of demanding clients treating you with a lack of respect, you are entitled to a life outside of your work. It applies just as much to in-house talent as it does to those of use working independently or for digital agencies. I also found that much of what he wrote about clients applied just as much to working in a large company with in house folks who are your client as it applies to the digital agency with clients outside the company.

So as I strive for the balance I spoke of in the last post, I am grateful for Mike’s reminders to stand up for myself. It can be difficult at times, but I’ve been doing it a lot lately and it’s totally worth it. I was also reminded to think about what I love to do and look for the situations where I get to do that and excel. So I am heeding Mike’s advice

…I’d caution you to stay away from jobs that take you away from the things you love to do….